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We have personally tested and reviewed several electronic cigarette brands. Our reviews are complete and have all the needed information you need to make an informed e-cigs purchase.

Below you can find our top 5 brands, ranked by our personal preference.

E Cigs top rank

RankE-CigsPriceE-Cigs RaitingInfo
Electronic cigs raitingJacvapour e-cigsJacvapour cig priceE-Cigs raiting
E Cigs rankCigees e-cigsCigees e cigs priceE-Cigs raiting
E-CIGS rankSouth Beach smokesouth beach smoke electronic cigsE-Cigs raiting
Electronic cigs raitingREDCIGs e-cigsREDCIGs electronic cigs pricee-cigs rank
Electronic cigarettes rankHalocigs reviewHalocigs pricee-cigs rank

Cigees Electronic Cigs

cigees top e-cigs


Feel and taste of a real cig!!!

The best price/quality electronic cigs. You won’t find cheaper cigs of this quality anywhere!

Cigees Classic Starter Kit starts from £ 12.00
One Cigees cartridge equal to about 20 cigarettes you cost only £1.4

Jacvapour Electronic Cigs

Jacvapour starter kit

Jacvapour flavour with 24mg strongest nicotine content.

Try 8 different high quality Jacvapour Cig flavours !

You can save more !

Use lifetime Voucher: CIGS-E15

And get 15% off from every order and re-order !

Enter voucher code in your cart and save 15% off all Jacvapour products with this discount code:CIGS-E15

Halo Electronic cigs

Halo electronic cigs

New electronic cigarette brand with high quality e-liquid that includes taste!!!

Contains one of the best electronic cig battery ever!!!

South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigs

South Beach electronic cigsThe best Hollywood choice.

Try what smoke your favorite actors in Hollywood.

Use Exclusive SuperMax Batteries with high power and longer lasting than other Electronic Cig batteries.

Nicoccino-Quit Tobacco Chewing

NIcoccino reviewPerfect solution for people who desperately want to quit tobacco chewing and smoking!

Contains 1 mg of nicotine, equivalent to smoking one normal strength cigarette.

Healthier Smoker Electronic Cigs

Healthier smoker electronic cigsTry 8 different starter kits, 58 different E Juice products and Save an Average of €60 per Week.

CIGGYS Electronic Cigs

Ciggys electronic cig

Try the latest Electronic Cig with amaizing watermelon taste and start colect the reward points now !

Do not forget ! Starter Kit comes with a revolutionary rechargeable carry case !


Redcig Tobacco Taste Electronic Cigs

electronic cigarette

Over 1 000 000 clients around the world!!!

Redcig are premium quality e-cigs, which are all made to ISO premium quality standards.

This makes them one of the safest and most affordable to use brands out there!


Eversmoke Electronic Cigs

electronic cig starter kit

You can start and smoke Virtually Anywhere!!!

EverSmoke Disposable Electronic Cigarette is a great way to go smokeless!!!

Now $30 cheaper, the Eversmoke Basic starter Kit starts at $49


Electronic Cigarettes Do Not Produce The Following:

  • Offensive Smoke
  • Ash
  • Fire / Flame Hazards
  • Cheaper than Cigarettes
  • Smoke “almost” Anywhere
  • Cheaper
  • Modern and Evironmentally Conscious
  • They can be used in many places that don’t allow tobacco and cigarette use
  • They do not contain many harmful substances and so on….

Electronic cigarettes are frequently used in almost all public places and in spots where normal tobacco cigarettes would not be allowed.

The main concern today is on people who do not smoke. They don’t want to breathe the smoker’s cigarette smoke. The use of the electronic cigarette is not only safe, but also protects the wishes of non-smoking bystanders in respect to their health.

Electronic cigarettes in no way compares to the effects of regular tobacco smoking, where the smoke of the tobacco is inhaled into human lungs, including thousands of harmful substances. It has helped fuel the popularity and growth of a large variety of electronic cigarettes for this and many other reasons.

E-cigs statistics in 2013 will be about 1.7 billion sold.



1.Cigees Kit

cigees top e-cigs   Cigees e-cigs is one of the best electronic cigs at the moment that offers high quality flavor, Cigees tobacco vapour tastes and feels like a real cigarette. The customer service experience is above them all, Cigees offer nice price/quality options when compared to other electronic cigs. Cigees offer one of cheaper kits, the Classic kit, which only costs £12.00. Also Cigees offer Cigees Classic Starter Kit with Carry case for a mere £15.00, The Majestic E-cigarette Starter Kit is £36.00, Femme Luxury Starter Kit is £39.00 and the Break Free SuperKit is priced at £48.00.


2.Jacvapour Starter Kit

Jacvapour starter kit You can save more ! Use lifetime Jacvapour Voucher: CIGS-E15 And get 15% off from every order and re-order ! Enter voucher code in your cart and save 15% off all Jacvapour products with this discount code: CIGS-E15

All Jacvapour E-cigs starter kits are available with a Portable Charging Case, a nicely designed presentation box and Portable Charging Case. It’s obviously a good bonus but there’s more! Jacvapour offer:

  • Basic Starter Kit
  • Basic Starter V3i Tank Kit
  • Crystal Mini Vago 2 Auto 400mah Starter Kit
  • Crystal Mini Vago 2 Auto 400mah Starter Kit
  • Social Starter Kit
  • Social Starter V3i Tank Kit
  • Solo Starter Kit
  • V1P PCC Starter Kit
  • Vgo 2 Auto 650 650mah Starter Kit

Jacvapour offers 8 different flavours: tobacco, tobacco reds USA, tobacco virgin, cherry, mint, menthol, vanilla, and cappuccino, (0mg), Low (6mg), Medium (12mg), High (18mg) and Very High (24mg) nicotine. Jacvapour E-cigs also offers 11 Non-tobacco varieties. There are a lot of options and the other bonuses of choosing the e-liquid. Not only do you get great savings but the choice of flavors available is incredible.

3.South Beach Smoke Starter Kit

South Beach electronic cigs South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes are one of the leading brands on the market, and they have been around for a long time. This is proof that they have proved their worth among users and that is why they have continued to grow from strength to strength.

South Beach Smoke Electronic cigs offer not only high qulity E-Cigs but they have good Starter Kit price too, cheapest South Beach Smoke E-Cig Starter Kits start form £19.99 up to £109.99.

South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes come in a variety of forms for the different interests of users and the price range also varies. For the quality they offer, South Beach Smoke E-Cigs are very affordable.

One of the interesting thing is the South Beach Electronic Cigs many peoples call the choice of Hollywood!Why the choice of Hollywood? Answer is simple, many famous Hollywood actors chooses the South Beach E-Cigs.


4.Healthier Smoker Starter Kit

Healthier smoker electronic cigs Healthier Smoker is an electronic cigarette company based out of Ireland, though they sell and supply electronic cigarettes, e-liquid, and starter kits internationally. They carry a wide range of different types of E-cig products, from starter kits, to clearomizers, to atomizers, to e-liquid, to accessories. There are 58 different products in their E Juice category, and most of these represent different flavours options. Among the regular tobacco and menthol flavours, users can also expect to see a wide range of specialty options like Lemon, Plum, Pina Colada, Vanilla, Butterscotch, Passion Fruit, Frost, Banana, Honey, and more.


6.Ciggys Kit

Ciggys electronic cig Ciggys is an electronic cigarette company based in the UK. They offer a lot of different E-cig products, ranging from starter kits, to accessories, to filters. Ciggys offers a very realistic brand of E-cig. Their filters (which are the part of the E-cig that hold the e-liquid) look about as real as is possible without actually being the real thing, and their batteries are the same. Ciggys offers several different options for starter kits. Their basic starter kit costs £39.99, and comes with 5 filters, 2 batteries, a portable charger that doubles as a heavy duty case, and a USB/wall charger. They also offer a mini starter kit for only £19.99. This kit comes with 3 filters, 1 battery, and a USB charger.


7.Redcig Kit

electronic cigarette Can you imagine an electronic cigarette with the natural taste just like real tobacco cigs?  Redcigs are a Premium quality electronic cigarette.

Redcig is really worth the money and the best thing is that Redcig offers electronic cigs which feel and taste just like real premium tobacco cigarettes. Important!!! Redcigs are the highest quality electronic cigarettes and yet they are 70% cheaper than tobacco cigs.

The Redcig Starter Kit start form £6.99.  It is a disposable kit, but if you want to enjoy Redcig kit for an extended time you need to choose the Redcig starter kit. It will cost £19.99 for all the items that you need: 1 battery, USB charger, case, and 2 cartridges equal to 100 cigarettes.

Redcig also offers REDCIG Deluxe kit £44.99 and the REDCIG Ultimate kit £ 64.99 as well. REDCIG Deluxe Kit comes with: 2 batteries, 2 USB chargers, 1 wall charger, and cartridges equal to 200 cigarettes. REDCIG Ultimate Kit comes with: 3 batteries, 3 USB chargers, 2 wall chargers, and cartridges equal to 300 cigarettes.



 8.Eversmoke Kit

e-cig ultimate starter kit You can get the Eversmoke Sterter Kit is $ 30 cheaper and cost $ 49 right now at the official web site. Electronic cigarette Basic Starter Kit is at a great price and offers quality performance. There is a huge selection of kits from Eversmoke, starting at $49.99 to $99.99. All include the items you need. One of the great benefits of Eversmoke cigs is the cartridge home delivery program because you will receive 20% off all cartridges and get a lifetime warranty on all parts as a member.


9.Halo E-cig Basic Starter Kit

Halo electronic cigs   Halo Basic starter electronic cigs comes with:

  • 2 Batteries – Automatic/Manual (65mm or 78mm)
  • 1 Wall Charger
  • 1 USB Adapter
  • 5 Prefilled Cartomizers (Your Choice of Flavors)
  • 1 Halo Carrying Case

Halo has the amazing highest quality in e-cig batteries and offer manual and an automatic battery, which allows you more control over the vaping experience via a button. The Halo e-cigs batteries are designed with Infiniglow technology, using advanced circuitry to maximize usage time between recharges.   Halo e-cigarettes variety of flavors including cocoa,menthol, Turkish tobacco, and more. Pre-filled cartomizers weigh in at around 125-175 puffs.